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«American Pole League» - committed to and created by pole athletes, for pole athletes!
APL is a non-profit sporting organization, based in Las Vegas, NV. Our goals are to positively promote Pole and Aerial as athletic disciplines. We are part of the movement to get Pole Sports recognized nationally and globally and eventually included into the Olympic Games.
APL hosts National and regional championships that become a part of the network that includes over 5,000 athletes. Competitions gather competitors from all over the States to perform their best for the coveted title of National champion in variety disciplines, divisions and categories.


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Built in 1925, the 500-seat Great Star Theater is the only remaining theater in San Francisco's Chinatown. Throughout the years it has hosted countless Chinese operas, Chinese movies, local artists, and amazing musical, circus, and variety performers from the world over.
We are working to preserve that monumental history while also bringing fresh life to this beloved venue. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community theater which strives to ensure local theater, cabaret, variety, and Chinese opera has a home in San Francisco. We are restoring and operating this historic venue as well as partnering with local artists to produce live shows and keep local arts alive amidst these unprecedented times.

Flux Vertical Theatre was established in 2015 and began as a performance company. Our small but mighty group of dancers performed all over the Bay Area and continues to grow!
Flux Vertical Theatre is thrilled to finally have a home of our own that we can share with our community via our new Academy and Performance Venue. We offer a variety of classes to get you where you want to go whether you are looking to gain strength or get ready for the stage, you are welcome here!


VRV3 /vrve/ - the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance. Pole, aerial, dance and fitness!
Established in 2016, VRV3 Studios is the brainchild of Anna and Mel, two pole sisters for life, who were in search of a pole home and decided to create one themselves. Located in the heart of San Francisco, VRV3 offers classes in pole, aerial arts, flexibility training and dance seven days a week. VRV3 is a safe space that builds community through healthy movement and creative expression. Their classes empower every body, all ages and identities, to be themselves and discover what they are capable of. Come find your verve!

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