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​​Polina Volchek “Pink Puma”​

CEO, Producer, Artist, Athlete

Polina Volchek, also known as Pink Puma, has inhabited the brutal environment of sport and show business industries for over 25 years. Her resume includes various sports, dance styles, performances and even martial arts.


At the age of 17th, this lady gained the title of “Master of Sports at the International Level”. Throughout her career, Polina became 3x Champion of Russia in Rhythmic Gymnastics, 4x World Pole Sport and Artistic Pole Champion for the Team USA, was a multiple winner of national and international competitions in Pole Sports, Dance, Art, and Fitness in USA, Russia, and all around the world. Polina is an ex-soloist in Cirque du Soleil, producer of the international performance project “Vertical.Show” and founder of the “American Pole League” and “Pole Sports Russia”. She is a holder of  “Lifetime Achievement 2018” award by the International Pole Sports Federation and “Producer of Theatrical and Performance Arts” degree. Currently she is an in-demand online coach and world renowned expert in pole, aerial sports and performance arts.


Polina's main goal is to promote pole and aerial sports as artistic, athletic, and family-friendly activities, and to achieve pole and aerial sports recognition on the national and Olympic levels. These support her broader goal to inspire more active lifestyles and a culture of physical fitness.

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Paige Olson

Artist, Athlete

Paige is an 18 year old pole and aerial athlete from Tucson, AZ. She has been doing pole for 9 years and has an extensive background in dance and gymnastics. At age 11, Paige became a World Champion at the IPSF World Pole Sports Championships in London. She is also a 4x national champion, a 2x Pole Championship Series winner, was awarded IPSF Youth Athlete of the Year ’18 and ’19, a guest performer at Olympia, and many more. Representing Team USA and pole sports, Paige participated in the TAFISA World Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, and was a part of the Vertical.Show on America’s Got Talent in 2021. Paige has an immense love for anything pole and aerial related and absolutely loves being on stage.

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Nia Millan

Artist, Athlete

Nia Millan, originally from Costa Rica, is a professional Pole Artist and multidisciplinary circus performer. She is considered one of the top elite pole athletes in the USA, and holds over a decade experience competing, performing and teaching aerial arts.
With no prior background in dance or acrobatics, Nia discovered the pole and circus world in 2013 while living in England. She worked hard to develop her skills and in 2015 pole fitness became her full-time career, which has led her to hold several US National titles in Professional and Elite categories; as well as performing throughout the country in various circus productions. Aside from Pole, Nia also professionally performs Hair Suspension, Aerial Pole and Aerial Rope.
Nia has a unique style in execution with beautiful clean lines and graceful fluid movement; all mixed along with some extreme contorted elements. She loves training heavily through exploration and experimentation, which has facilitated the invention of unique tricks and transitions.
Nia is currently based in Las Vegas, NV, where she continues to grow her performing career. She loves coaching and teaching; being her goal as an instructor to help her students achieve their dream tricks and personal style. She determinably believes you can achieve anything through persistence and discipline, and she hopes to inspire other emerging pole and circus artists in their road to success.

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Aria Saha

Artist, Singer, DJ

Meet Aria Sáha - a multi-talented artist and style icon. She is an actress, singer, dj, performer, show director, and producer, with an exceptional sense of style, beauty, and professionalism. Aria knows how to create unforgettable performances, and her passion for music and the arts has made her a rising star in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Her original song, "The World Is Calling Us," was the perfect anthem for the FIFA World Cup 2018.
In a stunning display of artistry, beauty, and talent, Aria Sáha took center stage at the 2016 Alternative Hair Show in London's iconic Royal Albert Hall. A true multi-talented lady, Aria dazzled as a singer
and model, surrounded by six other models showcasing the extraordinary work of Vinokourov's team.
Aria is a true musical chameleon, seamlessly blending diverse genres such as jazz and rock'n'roll to create her own unique sound. Her versatility as a singer is a testament to her boundless
creativity and passion for music. With each performance, Aria showcases her ability to captivate and entertain audiences, leaving them wanting more.
Aria's passion for the fashion industry led her to become a Show Director at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
In her 20s, Aria Sáha, also known as DJ Lady B, established a remarkable DJ career. She gained recognition as the first female DJ to create mash-up-style music parties, and she became an esteemed resident of the Zeppelin Production and prominent clubs such as Soho Rooms, The Most, Sexton, and bar Kitchkock. Furthermore, Aria founded her own DJ school, STAR DJ, a testament to her expertise in this field.

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Kira Bucca

Artist, Athlete

Kira Bucca is a professional, award winning, competitive and artistic pole athlete based in New York City. Obsessed with extreme tricks, Kira is known for being fearless in her dynamic movement, so much so that she is the current World Ultra Pole Champion!
In addition, she is the current National Сhampion for the American Pole League in Artistic, Aerial, and Ultra Pole. Kira received variety awards at USA National competitions. She can also be seen performing on the stage of the fun pole dancing and comedy show in NYC.
Kira has experience dancing in group ensembles, partner pieces, and solo productions. Over the years, she has found a passion in choreographing solo and group pieces. When she is creating her own pieces, she is often inspired by women's empowerment and social causes, but also loves a good character piece any day!
In addition to performing, Kira teaches privates and workshops in her home studio in Brooklyn and around the world.
When Kira isn't being found hanging upside down, she can be found shooting fashion photography , working on her socially relevant magazine: Jejune Magazine, or taking on the online learning world by storm with her upcoming app United World Studios .

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Alexandra Ilkevich

Alexandra Ilkevich

Artist, Athlete

Alexandra is a 10 year old Pole and Aerial athlete from Miami, Florida. She has been doing Pole & Aerial gymnastics for six years. Alex is the American Pole League US National Champion 2022, as well as, a winner and finalist of many other US competitions in 2022-2023. This young athlete represented USA at the World Pole & Aerial Sport Championships 2022 in Switzerland.

Alex loves to do Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Pole and everything that can Fly. She is very excited to be a part of the amazing Vertical Team!

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Sherman Yu

Sherman Yu

Artist, Athlete

Sherman Yu is a pole and aerial athlete and a movement artist from San Francisco, CA. He started his pole journey 2.5 years ago and has a dance background in hip-hop, popping and locking. He has competed and placed at the Professional level in multiple Pole Sports competitions. Sherman’s passion for pole art eventually led him to discover suspended/flying pole and Chinese pole in 2022. He began teaching pole in 2023 and wants to inspire others to try pole because pole is not limited to any specific gender, identity, or background.

In addition to being an athlete and movement artist, Sherman is also a scientist during the day. When he isn’t swinging around or conducting experiments, you can catch him exploring nature and taking photographs.

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Ellena Mirra

Artist, Athlete

Meet Ellena Mirra, a professional and award-winning competitive pole athlete currently based in San Francisco, California. After graduating from State Pedagogical University in 2003, Ellena dedicated herself to coaching sports and fitness for children and adults. Throughout her sports journey of exploring new disciplines, she discovered Aerial and Pole Sports. Within six months of starting pole sports, she participated in a domestic championship and secured 1st place among beginners in 2013. Since then, she has competed and received awards in numerous national and international competitions across various categories, performing solo, doubles, or in groups in Pole Sports, Art, and Aerial Athletics in the USA, Russia, and Europe.
Ellena is known in California as the creator and performer of unique showcases. She can be seen performing on stage at various fashion and charity events in San Francisco and Bay Area. During one such charity event, her pole dance combined with ballet performance was seen by the current mayor of San Francisco and was recognized and honored by the California State Treasurer.
Ellena's main goal is to introduce, promote, and elevate Pole and Aerial Sports as athletic and artistic activities suitable for all ages, and to achieve recognition for Pole Sports and Aerial Sports as Olympic disciplines.

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