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Vertical.Show comes from a team of high-end professionals from both sports and the production industry that creates upscale, modern shows for live and online events. The concept of the Vertical.Show is based on upright and aerial apparatuses. The main stage equipment is vertically standing poles and aerial rigging.


The initial idea of ​​the show was proposed and developed by the multiple time World Pole Champion Pink Puma in 2016. Vertical.Show was produced as a part of the closing ceremonies for the National and World Pole Sports Championships in 2017-2022.


Nowadays, the Vertical Team brings this unseen project to the Great Star Theater in San Francisco, CA. The uniqueness of the show lays in integration of disciplines such as pole, aerial, gymnastics, breaking, acrobatics into modern choreography and carefully planned stage production. Team’s technical skill and expertise allow Vertical.Show to synthesize elements of sports and theatrical concepts in a dramatic and engaging manner.


Vertical is the first family-friendly show on pole that promotes sports, arts and healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to gain national and global recognition for Pole and Aerial Sports, become a demonstration sport in the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, and run a production show on one of the Las Vegas stages.

Vertical.Show is currently booking touring dates around the globe!

Currently available:

Vertical. Show

Vertical. Rising Sun

Vertical. Brave New World

Age allowance: 10+

Length: 90 minutes 

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+1 813 317 10 67


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