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Vertical Creative camp

for kids and adults

with Pink Puma & Dimitry Politov

at Be Art Studios

Always wanted to take a part of a big show and share the stage with your favourite pole stars but didn’t know how? Getting ready for a sporting event and have some concerns about building up yours routine and getting a higher score? Here is the solution! Vertical Creative camp was designed specially for you!


May 1-9 2020

with the spectacular gala-show on May 10


Legnano & Lainate, Italy

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Join us at the new unique experience! We create for you and with you!


Vertical Team in collaboration with Be Art Studios, Italy came up with a never-seen-before concept. We offer personal creative approach to students with goals and help them to achieve them! Besides general training classes with the world known instructors we will divide students into small creative groups in order to chase and nail their dreams! No matter if you are getting ready for sport competitions, studio event or a crazy contemporary performance. We got it all out of the box for you! Our specialists have trusted knowledges in the most popular pole sport competitions systems such as POSA and IPSF, years of experience in contemporary, circus and dance productions, incredible pole and aerial skills! If you know what you want - we will help you to get there! If you are searching for something fun and engaging - we will give you the directions and set the goals together.

Our very special bonus! Students will have a chance to take part in unforgettable experience and perform their creative acts on the same stage with world known pole and aerial stars in the big gala-show “Vertical.Game”.

Special program was built particularly for pole and aerial enthusiasts who wish to develop their best routines and to improve their competitions results. Pole Sport, Pole Art, Dance, Aerial Sports, Circus, Experimental and more! Want to make it happen? Follow the steps lower!


Step 1. Choose Vertical Creative package that suits your needs the best and apply for the camp.


Step 2. Fill in the questionary that will help Vertical Team to evaluate your performance goals and build the program accordingly to your expectations, level and availabilities.


Step 3. Join the camp on May 1st and get yourself ready for exciting journey.


Step 4. Shine bright on stage! Make it a first step to your successful performance at “Vertical.Game" on May 10th!


Step 5. Receive comments and recommendations from Vertical instructors after the camp all the way until your key event!

Step 6. Kick it on the competitions or special event and share your experience with us!

Vertical Creative & Training camp instructors

Dimitry Politov
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Pink Puma
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Sveta Lutoshkina
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Veronika Mikhailova
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Anastasia Bilyakevich
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Yulia Sovetova
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Vertical Camp 2020 - preliminary schedule

Creative camp packages

Train + create + snacks and water + perform in Vertical show

EUR 580

Train + create + stay + breakfast

+ snacks and water + perform

in “Vertical.Game" show

EUR 980

Training camp packages

Train + snacks and water + enjoy “Vertical.Game” show

EUR 480

One weekend training pass

EUR 280

Train + stay + breakfast + snacks and water + enjoy “Vertical.Game” show

EUR 880

Two weekends training pass

EUR 380

Who can attend the camp?

All the students ages 8-65 are welcome to join us at the Vertical Creative experience. We offer entertaining sporting and family friendly activity throughout the whole course.

Will students be split on different levels?

We run general training sessions with the instructors in mixed level groups. All explanations are build in step-by-step basis to make it easier for students of different levels to learn the tricks, combos or choreography. For the beginners we will provide an additional instructor in the room during mixed training groups. For creative groups with individual approach students will be split according to their skills and performance goals. Please refer to the schedule for more information.

How the camp can help me if I am getting ready for a pole competitions?

Vertical instructions are professional educated in variety of competitions systems including POSA and IPSF. Our goal will be to build you the best competitions routine for the system, discipline, level and category that you choose to compete as well as to help you to reach your top results on upcoming competitions.

What if I do not have a performance goal?

That is ok. Vertical instructors have plenty of creative ideas. You will be surprised with variety of stage decisions that they will be happy to offer for you to explore.

Can I get the training courses and watch the show?

Of course! We offer 2 options for the students at the Vertical Creative camp. 1) Train and perform with worlds best instructors. 2) Train and enjoy incredible show with your friends and family members. Please see available training packages for more information.

What is included in the package?

In addition to training and creative experience Vertical Creative camp offers shared accommodations with breakfast, fruits, snacks and water during the breaks, unforgettable Vertical.Show and afterparty! It is possible to split the course and take it by weekends. We will work around your schedule and make a special deal that will suit your needs and availability the best.

How the schedule of the camp will be built?

Vertical camp schedule will be based on the responses received from the survey of the first 24 students enrolled. We will consider their goals, expectations, availability and level. First part of the training day will be devoted to technical classes in mixed level groups. After the lunch break students will be divided into small creative groups between the instructors for further individual art work. The preliminary camp's schedule is available above. The final schedule of the camp will be published after the closure of the first group of of sign-ups. The schedule of the camp and training hours will be updated and can be expanded for the second training group.

Do you want to extend the pleasure of your trip?

We advise you to stay in Italy a few more days together with Vertical camp instructors for sightseeing purposes. We are going to spend time in an informal and non-training ambience. For details on the extension of the program please contact the organizers using the feedback form below.

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