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​​Polina Volchek “Pink Puma”​

producer, coach, choreographer, athlete

Polina Volchek, also known as Pink Puma, has inhabited the brutal environment of sport and show business industries for over 25 years. Her resume includes various sports, dance styles, performances and even martial arts.


At the age of 17th, this lady gained the title of “Master of Sports at the International Level”. Throughout her career, Polina became 3x Champion of Russia in Rhythmic Gymnastics, 4x World Pole Sport and Artistic Pole Champion for the Team USA, was a multiple winner of national and international competitions in Pole Sports, Dance, Art, and Fitness in USA, Russia, and all around the world. Polina is an ex-soloist in Cirque du Soleil, producer of the international performance project “Vertical.Show” and founder of the “American Pole League” and “Pole Sports Russia”. She is a holder of  “Lifetime Achievement 2018” award by the International Pole Sports Federation and “Producer of Theatrical and Performance Arts” degree. Currently she is an in-demand online coach and world renowned expert in pole, aerial sports and performance arts.


Polina's main goal is to promote pole and aerial sports as artistic, athletic, and family-friendly activities, and to achieve pole and aerial sports recognition on the national and Olympic levels. These support her broader goal to inspire more active lifestyles and a culture of physical fitness.

Paige Olson


An amazing 16-year old athlete from Tucson, AZ, Paige started dancing at the age of 2. When she turned 5, her parents brought her to gymnastics. Shortly after at 9, she began training on pole. She continued competitive dance and pole for 4 more years, until choosing to focus on pole. In 2016, at the age of 11, Paige became a World Champion at the World Pole Sports Championships in the Novice category. A few years later, she represented Team USA and Pole Sports at the TAFISA World Games in Jakarta, Indonesia. Now she is a 4x National Champion in Pole Sports within the USA.

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Elizabeth Bird


Liz is from San Diego started her pole journey in 2015. Before that she trained for 5 years in trampoline and for 9 in artistic gymnastics. Currently, Elizabeth is working towards her PhD in Bioengineering. She likes going to the beach with her two dogs and enjoys training pole for fun, fitness and for a variety of pole competitions.

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Rosa Rodriguez


Born in Panama raised in Miami, FL, 36-year-old athlete. Self-taught pole enthusiast with no athletic or dance background. What started as a simple way to work out has developed into a sports passion. Through her dedicated training, she has become an expert poler, and executing advanced movements has become second nature. Rosa is now a professional pole athlete and instructor. She has 8 years of coaching and 11 years of performance experience.

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Amelie Kone


Amélie was born in the South of France in Avignon where she developed an athletic background in gymnastics, soccer, track and field. Amélie's specialty was the triple jump where she competed in national competitions. She left France along with her career in business to perfect the art of pole and realize the American Dream. Amélie discovered this sport 6 years ago and has received the best training. She has found her passion in life and is totally dedicated to this sport and profession. Her goal is to inspire others, compete internationally, and open studios in the USA and the South of France.

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Katie Kranz


Katie started training pole three years ago. She joined this sport with no dance or gymnastics background. After some time, she ventured into other aerial arts. She trains and competes in doubles with Paige Olson. In 2018, Katie became regional and national champion in pole sports. Now she performs and coaches pole athletes.

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