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Aria Saha

executive producer

Aria has been a part of Vertical.Show since 2018. She has incredible skills and expertise in sports, production and musical industries. Massive experience in running theatrical, cultural and major sporting events in USA, Russia and all across the world helped her to become an integral part of the Team. Aria collaborates with world known public figures, circus artists, sports and production organizations. Positive energy, dedication and friendliness distinguish her as a high-end professional in her field.


Tim Lansen

 IT & video production director

Tim became a part of the Vertical Team in 2018 as a research engineer in information technologies. Tim works with analysis and development of online movie theatres. In Vertical.Show projects he applies his knowledge and experience in programming on languages ​​of all levels, reverse engineering, film and video production.

In addition to his scholarship, Tim went through sports and dance training. Sailing, fencing, performance in variety dance shows. In Vertical projects he sees a fusion of sports power and show glance!

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Roman Smychenko

Graphic designer, web developer

Video and design specialist, blogger - Roman is a producer of many advertising projects for major Russian brands such as Black Star, Love Radio, Kaspersky Lab, TNT etc.

Roman is an avid traveler who has visited 34 countries from Indonesia to Iceland. Now he is based in Spain. Roman develops his design studio Ro Production, creates visual content for clients from all over the world.

In 2017, when Roman lived in Mexico, fate brought him together with Polina Volchek, the producer of the Vertical.Show. During these 4 years he has been working in the Team creating high-end designs and corporate style for Vertical.Show and other projects of Pink Puma Inc.

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